Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 02/29/16: Good Talk at Enterprise, Back in the Kitchen, D. C. Vacation Pictures

1. While I waited for one of the men at Enterprise to check the mileage and gasoline in the rental car I returned, I had a great conversation with the other guy in the office.  He's a student at the University of the District of Columbia. I'd never talked to a student from this school before and I enjoyed how happy he was that he decided to go there (he's from Maryland) and that he will "finish his business" at UDC in June.  It was one of those conversations where I left thinking how fun it would be to run into this guy in a few years and see how it's all gone since he finished school.

2. During my vacation with Ed, I didn't do anything in the kitchen except make coffee. Today, I volunteered to make dinner for the Deke and me and for the Diazes and I was kind of giddy about it. I went to the Co-op and picked up a few groceries and returned to our apartment home to cook up a tofu mushroom stroganoff recipe that I tried out for the first time -- and everyone loved it.  The Deke even noticed that it was a recipe I hadn't cooked before and it made me happy to think that the food I cook is not all that generic.

3.  I spent time editing the not very many pictures I took while on vacation with Ed. I was so absorbed by the tours we went on and by taking in the monuments and everything that I didn't take many pictures.  All the same, here are a few. I really enjoyed the gray and misty weather and how it made the Washington Monument look:

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