Saturday, March 26, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 03/25/16: Easter Weekend in Nyack, Life Coming from Death, Good Friday Grieving for Vern

1. The Deke and the Diazes got shoehorned into the Diaz-mobile and headed to Nyack, NY to spend the Easter weekend with Adrienne and Jack. I sorely wanted to go, but I volunteered to stay behind so Maggie and Charly could stay home and so I could look after the Diaz cat over the weekend. I was happy to receive word in the middle of the afternoon that they all arrived in Nyack.

2. After much deliberation as to how to go about it, I finally buckled down and wrote the next Sibling Assignment. It's a Lenten meditation on life coming from death. I try to make the point that the deepest truth of the resurrection, to me, is not whether it happened, but that it continuously happens. It's on going. It's deeply embedded in reality.  If you'd like to read my meditation, it's here.

3.  In much the same way a poem helps give focus and shape to otherwise formless thoughts and feelings, liturgical worship also does the same with matters of the spirit and with the overwhelming mysteries of life. I was especially grateful this evening for the Good Friday liturgy I took part in at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church. Not only did it bring sobering focus to the crucifixion, but, today, Ed, one of my very best friends for nearly fifty years, lost his brother, Vern, to a sudden heart attack. The Good Friday liturgy gave me direction. It helped give structure to my grief and helped me feel it more deeply. During the service, each of us was invited to light a candle, hold it, and kneel in prayer at the foot of the cross in the sanctuary. I lit a candle for Vern and I lit it for Ed and I prayed for the Hanson family and for the many, many people in and from the Silver Valley and beyond who are deeply saddened by Vern's death.

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