Saturday, March 5, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 03/04/16: Paying Maryland, Out with the Deke, Back to DC Brau

1. I owed the state of Maryland some tax money -- not a ton -- but tax refund money arrived this week and I paid off Maryland and began setting money aside to make estimated tax payments for 2016 over the course of the year.  I don't like these things lingering around and was happy to get this business done and the set aside underway.

2.  The Deke took a personal leave day today and we headed over to the glorious Westfield Mall in Wheaton. The Deke had an appointment at Lenscrafters to get her eyes checked -- and found out, upon arrival, that Lenscrafters doesn't accept her insurance.  Ha! So the Deke did a little shopping at H and M and we headed over to the Diazes where I dropped off the Deke and drove to our apartment home to care for the dogs before returning to the Diazes for a take out dinner of delicious Peruvian chicken.

3. Let's just say I took the long way back to the Diazes.  Instead of heading north and west to their house, I headed south and west to just inside NE Washington, D C and paid a visit to my favorite of all spots: DC Brau. John and Lizzie were working the tasting room -- always a pleasure -- and I enjoyed a couple of pours of On the Wings of Armageddon and then purchased a growler of Alpha Domina Mellis and a sixer of On the Wings of Armageddon to share with the family back at the Diaz house. It was a fun evening and I had an especially fun time with Ana:

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