Sunday, March 6, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 03/05/16: Hung Phat Spree, Return to DC Brau, Molly's Birthday Dinner

1. Molly turned 30 years old today. We gave her a new haircut for her birthday, but I didn't join in the festivities at the salon. I dropped the Deke off at the Diazes and began a day of preparations for fixing Molly's birthday dinner by driving over to Hung Phat and buying coconut milk and cream, a variety of rice noodles, a bag of sweet rice, a bottle of sesame oil, and other things.

2. I was in search of coconut ice cream/frozen dessert for Molly's birthday dinner, so I went to MOM's to buy the vegetables I needed for dinner and I found a coconut frozen dessert product.  On my way home, Molly texted me that the Diaz house was a beer desert, so I delayed dinner preparations and drove down to DC Brau and bought a couple of sixers of On the Wings of Armageddon. I enjoyed a twelve oz pour myself and marveled at how jam-packed the brewery was as several groups with name tags around their necks and another with cone-shaped birthday hats were having get togethers and, my guess is, brewery tours. The cone-capped revelers all streamed in, one by one, flashing their IDs as I waited to leave with the two sixers in tow. As I finally left, Crab, the ID checker, joked: "Shit. You coulda downed half those beers waitin' for these guys to get in." Ha! We had a good laugh.   It was a fun stop. I dropped off the beer at the Diazes and headed back to our apartment home.

3. Molly requested that I stir fry some green onions, tofu, eggplant, snap peas, and mushrooms and serve them with peanut sauce, so when I returned to our apartment home, I cooked this up, and returned to the Diazes and Molly was very happy with her birthday dinner, the mini-sheet cake the Deke bought at Trader Joe's, and the coconut frozen dessert.  I am happy to report that the Deke and I helped make Molly's birthday a happy one, especially because Hiram couldn't be around late in the day for dinner because he had a gig. He is throwing a party on Sunday for the Diazes' many friends. The Deke and I might drop by -- we'll see.

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