Friday, March 11, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 03/10/16: Bathroom Ceiling Acts as Dam, Driving to Alexandria, Dinner with Bingham

1. The ceiling above our shower didn't look or feel right to me. It was bowing out a bit and felt spongy. I reported it to Andre over in the management office and he sent Luis to look at it and Luis stuck a screwdriver into the ceiling and water streamed out.  It turns out the apartment above us had a leak, a very small one, and water had been accumulating for a while, so Luis went up and fixed that and will be back Friday morning to repair our ceiling.  Here's what I liked: Luis knocked on the door of our apartment home within fifteen minutes of my making the report.

2.  I drove to Alexandria this afternoon via the B-W Parkway and Rts. 295, 695, and 395.  This particular web of freeways, especially 695 and 395, has bewildered me ever since we moved to this area, but today the scales began to fall from my eyes and it started to make better sense. It was a workout, though. Once I got to 295, I was contributing to massive volume on the freeways, but I stayed calm and trusted the GPS robot, and it all worked out beautifully.

3.  I arrived at the Virginia Theological Seminary shortly after five to have dinner with Father Bingham Powell, our priest at St. Mary's Episcopal Church in Eugene. He was at the seminary for a meeting of the Alumni Council and we had determined a few months ago that we'd get together when he visited. He gave me a brief tour of the idyllic seminary campus and we made our way to the seminary's pub, Cafe 1823, and had a great conversation over a couple of beers and dinner. I really enjoyed hearing about news from St. Mary's church, finding out about new developments and getting caught up on how certain people are doing.  I drove back to Greenbelt on a jetstream of happiness.

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