Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 03/07/16: "I got this one", Into the Pool, Soup Redux

1.  Once a month, I lumber down to LabCorp and have a sample of my blood drawn and it's mailed to the transplant center in Baltimore. I always hope my phlebotomist will be Angela. She knows the drill, recognizes the paper work, and I enjoy working with her. Sure enough. Today, I got sent to Room #1 and a phlebotomist I'd never worked with was there, but Angela swooped in, told her, "I got this one" and now my vial of blood is on its way to Charm City, expertly drawn by Angela.

2.  Senior Swim didn't meet last week because there were five Mondays in the month of February -- classes only meet four times a month -- *shake my head*-- and it felt really good to get in the water and jog, do jumping jacks, and perform the all the other twenty or so exercises Marcia puts us through.

3. Last week I followed a recipe for Red Curry Thai Soup to the letter and the amount of red chili pepper was too intense to enjoy. Today, I made another batch, but left out the red curry paste and then dumped the firey leftover soup from last week into the new soup along with a little leftover coconut milk from the peanut sauce I made on Saturday.  The result?  Perfect.  The Deke and I really enjoyed this revised soup -- and it is still pretty formidably hot!

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