Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 03/21/16: Back in the Water, Simple Dish, Smile!

1. My toe is not 100% healed. The swelling is minimal and I am experiencing a level of pain I either hardly notice or that I can easily tolerate. So, I returned to water aerobics today and, in chest deep water, I jogged, performed jumping jacks, and did other exercises that put some stress on my toe and I was never uncomfortable and I fully participated. I'd like this toe to get even better, but I can live with it and function pretty well if what I am experiencing now becomes normal.

2. Last year some time, I found a recipe for black beans and rice that the Deke and I really like a lot. If you read the recipe, here, you can see that it combines sweet flavors with savory ones with a vinegar-y bite. I fixed this dish tonight.  I ate mine as a bowl of beans and rice and the Deke made herself a burrito.

3. I scanned the archives of Radiolab and decided to listen to an episode from last October, "Smile My Ass". The episode looked back about sixty years to the origins of the television program, Candid Camera -- which really means it was looking back at the origins of what we now call reality television. Granted, I have watched very little reality television.  Ice Road Truckers is the only reality series I've ever spent much time watching (on Netflix). To be fascinated by this podcast, though, I didn't need to have been much interested in reality television. I just needed to be interested in human behavior.

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