Thursday, March 17, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 03/16/16: Slow Healing, The Deke's Favorite Pasta Dish, The Tunnels of Harry Bosch

1.  The swelling and pain in my toe seems is not getting better, not getting worse. I can wear my shoes. I can walk, albeit with some pain, but I'm not immobilized. I'm hopeful that, as has happened before, this late stage of healing is slow and that with ice and patience, I'll be back to painless movement again.

2.  I know the Deke likes heated up diced canned tomatoes with garlic, red pepper flakes, and fresh basil served over spaghetti.  It's simple. For the Deke, it's nostalgic. My making this for dinner tonight made her very happy.

3. I've only read one Harry Bosch novel, The Concrete Blonde.  I ordered a copy of The Black Echo. It arrived Tuesday and now I'm nearly done with the first part of the novel. Bosch is working to solve the murder of one of his fellow Tunnel Rats from his days fighting in the Vietnam War. I'm not sure yet, but I sense that the story is going to not only deal with the way the victim was dumped in a Mulholland Dam tunnel and with the awful days Bosch spent in tunnels in Vietnam, but I think the story is going to take us into the dark tunnels of Bosch's mind and spirit.

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