Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 03/15/16: Day of Rest II, Watching *Sherlock*, Metro Shuts Down

1.  I stayed in all day today.  Aside from doing some laundry, all I did was rest and continue to recover from being sick on Monday. My big toe is not done healing, but has settled down to a level of pain I can live with and I'm about 85% mobile. When toe anger has flared up the three times before, it always took weeks, not days, for the swelling and pain to settle down, so I'm still hopeful. I continued the ice therapy today.

2. There is a whole world of television shows and movie making that I haven't entered into.  I don't know what to call this world, but it includes the Peter Jackson treatment of Tolkien's stories, any movies about zombies and pirates, all of the comic books made into movies, and works featuring Benedict Cumberbatch.  I only put these movies together in a "world" because when I was around people in the theater program at LCC, and as I follow several of my theater friends on Facebook, these were the movies that were the most popular and people were nuts about Benedict Cumberbatch. So, today, I broke the ice and watched the first episode of the first season of Sherlock and I had a lot fun with how this episode established the character of Sherlock Holmes and Watson and with how their relationship is getting underway.  I'll watch more, and, then, who knows? Maybe it'll be time to dive into some Batman or something. . . . .

3.  For the first time in the history of the system, Metro shut itself down today for safety reasons. The shutdown happens on Wednesday, March 16th. Other shutdowns have occurred because of weather or labor dispute, but never has a General Manager and the WMATA Board shut down Metro out of concern for rider safety. A tunnel fire, similar to the deadly one at L'Enfant Station a little over a year ago, broke out Monday morning at McPherson Sqaure Station. In response, rather than spread inspections of the system over a many weeks period of time, WMATA's leadership decided to shut the system down for at least 29 hours to conduct these inspections. I follow the travails of Metro every day. Every day I hope that the new leadership is up to the daunting challenge of repairing this broken train system and getting it running safely and reliably again.  Take my word for it. It's a steep challenge.

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