Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 03/08/16: Driving to NE DC, Cans of Polar, Fundraising at Franklin's

1.  I don't really know why I enjoy driving down Kenilworth, across Decatur, down Bladensburg Road, past DC Brau, on to South Dakota NE, and into the Goodwill parking lot. It's not a lovely drive. In fact, it's a lot of suburban and urban blight.  Maybe it's just the satisfaction of knowing I've figured out so many different routes and that I'm not lost. But, whatever the source of my pleasure, I dropped off a few things today, and, on my way home, stopped off at Target to buy ice packs and insole inserts to help relieve the pain in my feet.  (The ice treatments seem to be working.)

2. Giant has cans of Polar seltzer water. Until now, the only place I've found Polar cans was at Costco in Nyack, NY. I purchased two twelve packs today and it made me weirdly giddy.

3.  Franklin's in Hyattsville is Prince George's County's only brewpub. I don't understand why this is true given the size of the county and its huge population.  Oh, well. The school the Deke teaches at had a fundraiser this evening at Franklin's and we went, the Diaz family came, and we shared our table with Mr. Flannery, the Deke's buddy and a second grade teacher, and with Brandon, a parent. We had a blast, especially the Deke.  It's obvious that the parents who were at the dinner deeply appreciate the Deke's work with their children and that the Deke really enjoys her fellow teachers. She was really happy as we left Franklin's. It's a shame that the school system is so broken and such a constant energy drain and headache. It's grinding down and wearing out good people and making demands on teachers and students alike that deter learning rather than enrich it.  The Deke is not returning next year. And she's not alone.

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