Sunday, March 13, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 03/12/16: Second Story Bookstore, Flight at 7 Locks, Chicken and Dumplings

1. I dropped off the Deke at the Diazes early this afternoon and wound my way to Rockville to check out Second Story Books, a warehouse of a used bookstore with cement floors, endless stacks marked with subjects in black marker, used cd's, lp's. and dvd's, and boxes of books strewn about to dig into. I bought the Diazes and hardback American Heritage Dictionary in superb condition for six bucks and the store owner who checked my purchase seized the opportunity to give me a leisurely and rambling and informative lecture on the virtues of the 1970s Funk and Wagnalls Dictionary.

2. Sometimes a lack of planning opens up a delightful surprise -- and this is what happened to me. On my way to the bookstore, I took a wrong turn and almost immediately I was at the 7 Locks Brewery in Rockville. I had no idea the brewery and bookstore were so close to each other.  I got resituated, found the bookstore, and later on went into the tasting room at 7 Locks and enjoyed a flight of five tasters and watched Michigan State and Maryland play in the Big 10 basketball tournament. Here are the five beers I tasted:

Snakeden Saison
Owen's Ordinary Pale Ale
Leap Year V2 IPA
Surrender Dorothy RyePA (I took home a growler of this one.)
Farmhouse Strong Ale

3.  Back at the Diazes, the Deke cooked up the most delicious dinner:  chicken and dumplings.  Awesome, just awesome.

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