Sunday, March 3, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 03/01/13: Troxstar Breakfast, Pictures at/around the U. of O., Appetizers at Billy Mac's

What a day!  I'm going to pack more than 3BTs into my reflections of this day!

1.  On my way to have an executive breakfast, seated in our executive booth, with the Troxstar and the First Lady of the Troxstar Empire, I enjoyed the morning sunshine and the many shadows it cast and took pictures of shadow patterns and other things and, just before going into Brails Restaurant, who should pop out of Brails Coffee House to hug and say hi and chat, but Patsy!  Wow!  This first Friday of March was off to a stellar start.

2.  Before returning to Brails Coffee House to have coffee with Jeff and MB, I roamed a bit around the west campus area of the University of Oregon and enjoyed taking pictures, taking significant pauses to sit and ponder, observe, listen, and reflect upon the hurrying fast-talking students, ashen-faced professors, and countless people of all ages talking about relationships.  Is the concept of relationships, hooking up, whether to get serious, disappointments, what's gonna happen next -- is this the primary conversation topic among people?  I swear, in at least 85% of the pieces of conversation I heard today the topic was relationships.  I honestly wanted to declare a moratorium on the very word.  Almost nobody talked about academic subject matter -- not even those ashen-faced professors.  They talked about department or university politics.  I think another moratorium would have been in order. 

3.  After attending Don King's funeral and having a wonderful, but short amount of time to get caught up with Rita, I met up with the Deke and we sat at the bar at Billy Mac's and enjoyed a couple of appetizers -- chicken strips and hot shrimp -- and had a nearly perfect hour together winding down, debriefing, getting relaxed and making plans for our trip to Portland on Saturday. 

Pictures!  Patsy! Breakfast!  More Pictures!  Coffee!  Conversation!  Memorial Tribute!  Rita!  The Deke at Billy Mac's!  Portland Plans!  Perfect Day! 

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