Sunday, March 31, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 03/30/13: Rockin' Little Roadsters, Easter Vigil, After Hours at Billy Mac's

1.  Russell and I went to the Eugene Roadster show at the county fairgrounds and took pictures.  Even though I can't seem to get the hang of taking pictures of classic cars, it was fun seeing all these beautiful vintage cars and trucks and drag boats and seeing so many people admire the hard work that went into restoring them.  I'm hoping I got some pictures that are worthy of turning into postcards for my three grandchildren.

2.  I was asked to read four of the Old Testament readings at the Easter Vigil service tonight, readings which, along with the four Old Testament readings Pam read, make it explicit that covenant, deliverance,  and different ways of expressing and experiencing resurrection have always been at work in the revelation of the reality of Supreme Being. 

3.  After the Easter Vigil, I stopped in at my favorite Catholic bar and grill, Billy Mac's, for a snack, some hot shrimp, and a drink.  I arrived at 9:30.  Billy Mac's closes at 10.  But, I didn't leave until 12:30, thanks to being a part of last night's after hours fun, when John, Brian, Derrick, and Michael relaxed after their work was done, Chelsea dropped in, and we talked and talked about basketball, church, and going to school.  I can't drink alcohol like the youngsters.  I know my limits.  I enjoyed not exceeding my limits.  I enjoyed listening.  It made after hours at Billy Mac's even more fun.  I thought a lot about how I didn't even think of limits when I was their age.  Nor did I listen much.

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