Friday, March 8, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 03/06/13: Quiet and Solemn, Not Hot Drumettes, Lakers Drama

1.  A retirement benefit:  The Wednesday 9:30 a.m. Eucharist at St. Mary's is perfect.  Again this morning, it was intimate, quiet, solemn, and focused.  I got some time to myself afterward to light candles for friends in need as well as those who have had loved ones die. 

2.  I went grocery shopping and chicken drumettes were available in the meat department and I had a very modest realization that the drumettes would be tasty for dinner, even if I didn't prepare them as hot wings.  I was right!  I seasoned the drumettes with Greek seasoning, pepper, and garlic powder, fried them up in the cast iron skillet, and I was especially happy that the Deke loved them.

3.  I'm not a Lakers fan, but I sure enjoy their dramatics.  Every day another story surfaces about internal conflict, you know, Kobe outs Dwight Howard for being soft, that kind of thing.  Then, tonight, against the Hornets, the Lakers outscored New Orleans 33-9 in the fourth quarter and stormed back from over twenty points behind to upend the hapless future Pelicans.  I knew the Lakers had been way behind and when I checked the score as the game came to an end, I had a good laugh:  the Lakers never fail to create great drama!

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