Sunday, March 3, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 03/02/13: Yarn Crawl Day, Inland Empire League, Ground Beef Scramble

When I retired, I thought about what I might do in my retirement, but I totally underestimated how my days of retirement might intersect with other friends from Kellogg who were retired.  I will never underestimate this source of joy, pleasure, and satisfaction again.  And it's so simple. 

1.  The Deke and I drove to Gladstone to Terry and Nancy Turner's house so Nancy and the Deke could join in the Greater Portland Metropolitan Area Yarn Crawl and so Terry and our Kellogg pal Jimmy Byrd could get together for NCAA men's basketball games and a few cold ones.  Our drive was easy, the Deke and Nancy, who hadn't met, hit it off, and the women buzzed off to yarn shops, I buzzed over to West Linn to pick up Byrdman, and the day was underway. 

2.  Conversation between me and Byrdman and Terry was all over the place.  I enjoy going back in time to the days of the Inland Empire League and high school basketball, when I often had the best seat on the house on the end of the bench, and remembering players, games, and even refs (like Scrappy Curtis) whom we admired or annoyed us.  I enjoyed the Intermountain League, too, even though it wasn't our conference, because a lot of those fellas were both teammates or opponents when American Legion baseball rolled around.  I could converse about this stuff all day.  Oh!  Wait!  I did!  (My favorite beer of the day?  Pelican Brewery's Kiwanda Cream Ale.)

3.  Yeah..okay...I-5 was a little rainy.  There were a few aggressive drivers.  Overall, though, pretty easy.  It was nice to return home, see the dogs were safe and sound, read that the fire in our neighborhood didn't hurt anyone and got extinguished, and I enjoyed frying up a little ground beef, sauteing some mushrooms, frying up a little brown rice, and scrambling it altogether with a couple of eggs.  It was a simple meal to bring a thoroughly enjoyable day to a close. 

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