Friday, March 29, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 03/28/13: Buzzing Around Eugene City, Confusion at Hirons Cleared Up, Fun with Star

1.  It was kind of fun buzzing around Eugene City, buying groceries, filling prescriptions, picking up dog food, just getting things back in order after our short trip to Idaho.

2.  At first, no one seemed to be able to track down my online order for a couple of my medicines.  I waited.  A guy I'd never seen at the drug store before tapped on a keyboard for a while.  Then he looked in a small basket.  Then he went over to a counter in the medicine fill area.  No luck.  Then a woman whom I recognized as experienced in all things pharmaceutical at Hirons took over and she reasoned her way to why my order hadn't been filled and calmly helped me identify the meds that should have come in.  "We'll have them for you in 15 minutes."  "No problem."  Problem solved.  I had my medicine soon enough.

3.  The Deke and I have known Star for over fifteen years and she was our server tonight at Cornucopia and, in the midst of her busy shift, we managed to shoehorn in some great laughs and a lot of fun together.  She made a late afternoon of solid food and a few of Pelican Brewery's Kiwanda Cream Ales extra enjoyable. By the way, I find the Kiwanda Cream Ale to be refreshing, uncomplicated, easy to drink, and most satisfying.  It's not a work out.  It's not like a complex saison or a symphonic IPA.  Lately, it's been hitting the spot for me. 

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