Sunday, March 10, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 03/09/13: North Idaho at Elmer's, Armitage Park, NBA Tedium

1.  It was fun to wake up and head to Elmer's with Mike Stafford and Terry Turner and enjoy breakfast and some fine conversation together.  Before leaving Albany, I got to see Terry's booth where he is promoting his business, Terry's Custom Rods, and look around the expo a bit.  Great start to the day.

2.  Gorgeous day for taking pictures and Russell and I decided to get a little ways out of town and visit Armitage Park and take pictures of the old railroad bridge, now a biking/walking bridge.  My experiments under the bridge with aperture meant slow shutter speeds and long exposure times and most of them failed.  I needed my tripod.    I'll take the tripod next time.  I enjoyed imagining different kinds of pictures and can always return and try again. 

3.  I watched a bit of the Knicks and the Jazz game while at Billy Mac's.  I swear, for about ten minutes or so only two things happened on both ends of the floor: either a player launched a three point shot, often missing, or a player drove to the basket and got fouled.  No one took a shot from the area in between the three point line and the key.  Neither team even seemed to think about working for a 12-15 footer in this range.  No one ran much of an offense. It was repetitive and tedious. 

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