Friday, March 22, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 03/21/13: Writing About the Divine in My Own Words, Go Ducks!, Cardiac Zags

1. I'm spending more time these days in my retirement writing longer blog posts.  I wrote this morning about happiness and my way of experiencing God/Supreme Being/Divinity, here, and did my best not to write in the language one always sees or hears, but did my best to write about these matters in my own language, to be true to my own experience.  It's what I have my students do if they choose to write about spiritual subjects.  I don't want to hear their minister or their guru or the last book they read or a tract speak in their essays: I want to read their understanding in their own words. 

2.  I kept track of Oregon's game against Oklahoma State while I was writing and doing other things around the house:  Go Ducks!  That was a great win.

3.  I tried to send positive vibes Christy's way during the Zags' game, hoping she wouldn't collapse with cardiac arrest because Gonzaga's game was so close.  But, the Zags prevailed; they survived and advanced.  I hope, if they were jittery today, that they got that out of their system for Saturday!!

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