Thursday, March 14, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 03/13/13: Wednesday Eucharist, Camera Mailed, Taking Pictures and Strolling

1.  I walked to St. Mary's Episcopal Church and participated in the Wednesday morning Eucharist, a splendid way to continue my morning.  I'm really enjoying getting into this habit.

2.  I decided to send my broken Canon S95 to the Canon Repair Center, almost as an experiment, to see what they can do and how their service turns out to be.  The guy at the Hirons' post office was a totally friendly and helpful public servant.  I wanted to tip him, he was so helpful.

3.  On my walk home from Hirons and then on my stroll to Billy Mac's, I enjoyed taking pictures of flowers bloomed, blooming, and getting ready to bloom.  Very satisfying.  So were the small handful of street pictures I took...and the shadow pictures of porches.

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