Friday, March 8, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 03/07/13: Polite Young People, Emily After All, Promise Kept

1.  Every single rider, between the ages of 18-24, who deboarded the bus between Lane Community College and 13th and Patterson, a stretch of about four miles, thanked the driver.  Every single one of them.  I experience this kind of politeness in young people all the time at work and other places.  Yes, there's the occasional lout, but my experience tells me that the idea that young people today have no manners is not true and exaggerated. 

2.  Usually I walk from Safeway to Cornucopia after work on Thursdays, but today the Deke wanted to meet at Sixteen Tons and what a lucky thing that turned out to be.  Emily is in town for a couple of days and I ran into her for a quick hug and a word or two -- after having to decline lunch with her and the Troxstar earlier today.  In addition, Abi was working the taps and it's always fun to see her. the way...the Deke and I had a very relaxing time together.

3.  One of my students has had a terrible time because of family problems over the last three weeks or so and, when she first came to talk with me, she vowed she would finish the course.  I said I'd work with her.  We had a thirty minute conversation today in my office and she's kept her word.  Her work was in good shape, we covered what she needed to do to finish the course, and I told her how proud I was of her, that under very trying circumstances she would be finishing WR 115.  I was moved by her determination. 

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