Sunday, March 17, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 03/16/13: School Saves Lives, Sara Smiled, Melissa! Wow!

1.  A student of mine from eight years ago attended the matinee performance of the Shakespeare Showcase, introduced herself to me, and took the time to tell me how much the course she was in back in 2005 helped her when her mother died suddenly that quarter.  She said it saved her life.

2. Sara, a student of mine from the turn of the century, came to the evening performance and we had a splendid talk about what we've been up to and I think both of us were reminded of how much we enjoyed working together as teacher and student over ten years ago.  It sure brought back a lot of great memories for me.

3.  After the curtain call, as people socialized in the Blue Door Theater, Melissa, a student of mine from about three years ago, sought me out and I learned she is about to finish nursing school and has great plans for earning a Bachelor's degree in nursing.  She loves her vocation.  And it was really fun to learn that that was her son who gave the splendid performance of Othello.

What a day!
What an evening!
So many of the roads of my life crossed in that little theater on March 16, 2013.....

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