Thursday, March 28, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 03/24/13: Cataldo Inn, Lucky Enough, City Limits

1.  The Cataldo Inn is back in business!  I don't know how long it was closed, but now it's been freshened up and they're serving food again.  Scott and Ed and I met for breakfast and enjoyed ourselves:  the food was solid and the company and the conversation was terrific.

2.  Videographer and theater diva Zoe and I managed to get seats for the nearly sold out final production of "Lucky Enough" at the Sixth Street Melodrama in Wallace.  I was told by the poster for the show that "'Twill make you want to be Irish".  I left the theater wanting a beer, but I didn't really want to be Irish.  Zoe and I had a lot of fun, especially because Paul and Carol headed the cast. 

3.  I left the theater wanting a beer and so I walked through the slush up the street to the City Limits, a superb where North Idaho Mountain Brew is made and served along with a full menu of fine food.  The Deke and Mom drove to Wallace to meet me for dinner and I enjoyed the beer and my fish and chips. 

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