Monday, March 11, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 03/10/13: Sunday Eucharist Again, Falling Sky Bitter, Be Lazy

1.  I had thought about making Wednesdays at 9:30 my primary time to celebrate the Eucharist at St. Mary's, but this mornng I said, naw, I want to resume worship at 11:00 on Sundays as well.  I'm happy I decided to celebrate the Eucharist this morning.  It was good to see fellow church members and I also got to hear Tom English give his sermon on the prodigal son.  It was insightful and issued a difficult challenges regarding the broken system of criminal justice in our county and our country.  To sum up, paraphrasing Tom's quoting of John Dominic Crossan:  love without justice and justice without love is a moral corpse.

2.  After church, the Troxstar and I strode (confidently) to Falling Sky for a Daylight Savings pint of beer.  We both had a Wind-Up Bird Best Bitter.  It was very tasty, easy to drink, well-balanced.  One of the things I admire/love about Falling Sky is their devotion to type of ale known as the bitter.  For my money, it's the best place in town for the bitter ale and I've drunk, I think, four different kinds of bitter at Falling Sky.  I hope they keep the bitters coming.

3.  The Deke and I let the afternoon be lazy.  She took the corgis to the groomer so did a little more than I did, but the words of the day were "be lazy" and "relax".

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The Male Goddess said...

Wind-up bird best bitter. It's on their site now. Taste-EEE