Thursday, March 28, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 03/23/13: Driving to Worley, Casino Fun, Buffet

1.  It didn't take much back and forth for Ed and me to decide to drive south to the Cd'A casino and, as always, the drive down was the most fun, getting caught up, telling funny stories, having some laughs and pondering some serious stuff as well.

2.  I had one of those days I enjoy at the casino:  won a little, got ahead a bit, played with free money for quite a while, and, then, once the free money ran out and I got a little ways into my own pocket, I stopped playing.  I used some free money to have a couple of bargain priced pints of Hefeweisen beer.  I also enjoyed watching the Ducks beat St. Louis and watching the Zags (even though they lost) when I decided I'd had enough of the machines. 

3.  Ed and I ate at the buffet and the variety of fish along with some steak pieces, Caesar salad, brussel sprouts, and other good food worked for me. 

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