Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 03/18/13: Almond Butter, Rehearsal Pictures, Photos Everywhere

1.  I've decided to replace peanut butter with almond butter, legume butter with nut butter.  Good move.  The almond butter in my oatmeal this morning was tasty, really tasty.

2.  I took over 250 pictures at Friday night's dress/tech rehearsal for the Shakespeare Showcase and this morning and afternoon I made some albums of those pictures available on the SPA Facebook page and posted the pictures as a set on Flickr

3.  The documentary Black White + Gray was a compelling study of art/photography collector-curator Sam Wagstaff who was Robert Mapplethorpe's patron and lover.  Watching this documentary capped of a stimulating afternoon and evening of looking at photographs online, a period of looking kicked off when Siskanna posted a link to pictures by Paul McDonough, here, and this led me to look at the photographers listed at the Sasha Wolf Gallery, here, making me wish I could see the McDonough exhibit, "Sight Seeing".  This link will take you directly to the artists, here.

It was a stimulating day for working with my own pictures and for looking at a ton of inspiring work by professionals.  Really.  So much beauty. 

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