Thursday, March 28, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 03/26/13: Ed Astonished Mom, Call Me the Tax Man, Evening Dessert

1.  Ed came by for a quick visit and astonished Mom with the fact that the USPS leases out post office space from private building owners.

2.  After a brief tour of the Silver Valley looking for Idaho tax forms for Mom, I settled in at Mom's kitchen table and slowly and methodically computed her taxes.  I got them done.  I did them right.  H & R Block, however, did not call with a job offer.

3.  With the taxes calculated and finished, Mom, the Deke, and I sat down to a comforting oyster stew dinner with crackers and cheddar cheese and then hustled over to Carol and Paul's for a Harry Potter Citrus Sandwich Cake for dessert.  More laughs! 

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