Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 03/05/13: Good-Natured Students, 'Copia Surrealism, Can't Harsh Our Mellow

1.  As the winter quarter's end draws near, I am grateful for the good nature of the students in both my sections.  They are easy to work with, receive my advice and instruction well, and even laugh at my wise cracks.  When students, as they say in the world of sports, buy in, it makes the whole experience in the classroom and the difficult task of learning so much more fun and pleasant. I was reminded of this today as both my class sessions not only went smoothly, but my students learned a lot and had fun doing it.

2.  The Deke and I met at the Cornucopia for a drink or two and I was laughing much of the time we were there at the Deke's way of making wise cracks and saying absurd things to our server, who also enjoyed the surreal world the Deke invited him to be a part of.  (I helped out a little, but, hey!, I know the Deke and I'm no Deke.)

3.  When it's still early in the evening, not even six o'clock yet, and nothing is happening at home or anywhere else, it's hard to resist a late afternoon/early evening nightcap at Billy Mac's.  It's comfortable.  It's quiet.  We can talk some more, enjoy the Billy Mac's staff (Amber was fun today), and continue to wind down.   Mellow.  We came home mellowed.  Nothing at home harshed our mellow.  Ahhhh.

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