Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 03/04/13: Hult Plaza Trust, Holding Hands, Exhausted Deke

1.  I needed to pick up some things at the Univ. Bookstore, so I walked to campus.  I broke up my walk with breakfast at the Hult Plaza Coffee Shop and experienced it fully today because the woman who serves the counter, the tables, and the booths was back at work.  I especially enjoyed the pan fried potatoes.  What will keep me coming back, though?  It's a cash only spot.  I didn't bring cash and the waitress didn't bat an eye when, after I'd eaten, I told her I'd be right back, that I had to go to an ATM.  She trusted me.

2.  I made my purchases at the Bookstore and then sat on a bench near 13th and Kincaid and took pictures.  I liked a lot of my pictures.  I caught students smiling and laughing with each other, talking about weekend parties, among others.  I also took a few holding hands pictures and this one -- well, I don't know if it's a great picture, but it stands out to me as unique.  I've never taken a hand holding picture quite like it.  I like it a lot:

Maybe I should crop out the stop sign.  I might try that later.

3. The Deke arrived home and dropped on the couch, exhausted.  It felt especially good to have planned dinner and it felt good that the boneless pork loins, brown rice, and green beans satisfied her. 

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