Monday, March 18, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 03/17/13: Time and Lifting the Fog, Lots of Pictures, Accidental Corned Beef

1.  For a variety of reasons, including problems with health, the years between about 2004 and 2012 are a blur to me and today I spent time trying to sort these years out, with the help of this blog.  The fog began to lift a bit and suddenly I realized that things that seemed to have happened only a couple of years ago actually happened seven years ago, like performing in Much Ado About Nothing.  Today became a day of reflection upon time, its passing, and memory, the tricks it plays.

2.  I spent a lot of time beginning to sort out the nearly three hundred pictures I took on Friday, the 15th.  I still have a lot of work to do with the pictures I took at Friday's Showcase rehearsal.  Overall, I'm pretty pleased with those pictures and I look forward to the next dress/tech under the theater lights when I can get more practice taking pictures of actors bringing Shakespeare to life.

3.  Neither the Deke or I wore green yesterday.  In fact, when we decided to get out of the house for a while, we only gave St. Patrick's Day a thought because we were concerned the Cornucopia might be too crowded.  We arrived, however, at a good time and, without planning to, each ordered a corned beef dinner.  I enjoyed eating half of my corned beef and cabbage dinner (boxed up the other half) and marveled at how good that Irish food tasted with Guinness beer.  And, by the way, the Deke and I had a great time talking about all kinds of stuff.

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