Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 03/19/13: Superb Office Hours, Meeting Paul Strand, Pelican Planning

1.  Most of my students who said they'd come back to pick up their writing folders did so and it was fun talking to them.  Sean brought his girlfriend by and the three of us had a fun conversation about them both being Vietnamese and American, among other topics.  Ernie's ankle is healing.  Danny's keeping it real.  Melissa, from last quarter, came by and we had a great talk about school and family.  Russell and I had some good camera/photography conversation.  I solved a couple of missing essay mysteries.  I turned in my spring syllabus.  I wrote about "56 Up" and worked more on my blogging about happiness.  I held a six hour office hour and enjoyed every minute of it! 

2.  I don't know much about the early 20th century photographer Paul Strand, but I found a documentary ("Under the Dark Cloth") about him at Netflix and it's not only fascinating, but has me thinking more about whether I can make certain abstract styles of photography work in my pictures.

3.  The Deke and I met at Cornucopia and are getting serious about sketching out plans for the summer.  Our conversation was made all the more pleasant by the fact that 'copia had Pelican's Kiwanda Cream Ale on tap.  It's light, easy to drink, and, for me, is as refreshing a beer as I've ever had.  Somehow, it really hits my sweet spot.

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