Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 08/02/16: Mom Goes Shopping, Lunch with Steve, Mom Wiped Out? No!

1.  With Molly Roberts' wedding approaching, Mom wants some new clothes for the event, so Mom and Christy and Carol buzzed to Coeur d'Alene where Mom purchased some new threads and the three of them went to the McKenzie River Pizza Company for lunch.

2.  I jetted over the Coeur d'Alene, too. Stu, Byrdman, Steve Jaynes, and I met at Capone's for lunch and some superb fat chewing. Steve continues his remarkable recovery after suffering a torn aorta back in March and plans to return to his part time job when school resumes for one more year.  We were very happy to Steve doing so well -- I mean, yes, he's a little shaky and moving slowly, but is steadily improving.

3.  We all wondered how Mom would respond to today's travel, shopping, and dining.  In a word, she astonished us. You might remember that about ten days ago, Mom attended The Music Man and it wiped her out for two or three days.  She wasn't wiped out at all by this outing and her energy stayed good as Carol and Mom toured Mom's backyard and as Mom gave us a little fashion show, showing off her new clothes.

Saturday, Mom began taking new medications meant to slow down her heart rate and treat her heart's arrhythmia. They might be working -- I'm cautiously optimistic. It might still be early to say for sure, but Mom's morning blood pressure numbers and heart rate measures have improved and, in particular, her heart rate numbers have been more stable. She also feels better.

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