Monday, August 22, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 08/21/16: Breakfast at Sam's, Getting Packed, Pert Wooden

1.  I had a great start to my last day in Kellogg for a while by sauntering down to Sam's and having a great sausage and eggs breakfast with Ed.  This was my only trip to Sam's this whole time I've been in Kellogg and this hearty breakfast and generous helpings made me wish I'd gone down to Sam's more.

2.  Mom left with Carol and Paul to go see some musical theater in Cd'A and I spent my time alone doing laundry and getting my stuff gathered and packed for my trip to Baltimore on Monday.

3. I also spent some time familiarizing myself with the Kindle app on our tablet and I bought a copy of Seth Davis' book Wooden: A Coach's Life and successfully downloaded it and right from the get go I have found it a riveting book.  The one think I learned that made me laugh:  John Wooden's nickname in high school was Pert -- same nickname as my dad! Reading it should make my time on the jet planes on Monday go by fast.

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