Sunday, August 21, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 08/20/16: Getting Pills in Order, Relaxing Up the River, Leftovers

1.  Mom woke up this morning and made it through the day free of any ill effects of her Friday morning fall. This is a relief. She and I are starting to get a few things done before I leave on Monday. Today, we went through her list of medications and I wrote down what time of day she takes each pill.  Mom takes pills four times a day and it can be confusing which pill she takes first thing in the morning, which after breakfast, which after dinner, and which at bedtime. It's all written down now and Mom and either Christy or Carol can consult this list when helping Mom fill her pill box on Wednesday.

2. I drove up the North Fork of the Cd'A River near Prichard to visit the Byrd/Carrico compound and relax in the upriver shade with Byrdman and Dan Carrico and a whole host of Byrd and Carrico family members. Along with a lot of really fun conversation, I was especially impressed with the refreshing Prichard Mai Tai, Byrdman served me, a frozen concoction combining lime and lemon flavors and a variety of liquors.

3.  It was kind of nice for all of us to have a night off as far as cooking dinner. Not surprisingly, we had a bunch of leftovers from the last few days and they provided Mom and me an easy and delicious dinner tonight.

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