Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 08/30/16: Benefits Questions, Library Visit, Molly's Mad Kitchen Skills

1.  I am very fortunate that Heidi is the LCC Benefits Analyst assigned to me. I emailed her this morning with a couple of questions and, as always, she responded immediately with a detailed and insightful response and expressed me her best wishes on a personal level. Part of why I value Heidi's work so much is that the Deke does not have a reliable person she can turn to with questions at HR in the school district she works for, and this is a source of confusion and frustration.

2.  There's nothing special about the Greenbelt Public Library.  It's a modestly sized library with a modest collection of materials and a handful of study and meeting rooms and an ample number of computers for patrons, always in use. I love this place in much the same way I loved the library when it was on 13th Ave. in Eugene and that I love our old and small Greenbelt Co-op grocery store.  Rather than awe me, the way the library downtown in Eugene does or the U of O's Knight Library does, the Greenbelt Library welcomes me, gives me a comfortable place to explore books and movies and audio materials, all on one level. Today I checked out a couple of cookbooks -- Genius Recipes: 100 Recipes That Will Change the Way You Cook and The Smitten Kitchen.  Both books have eggplant recipes.

3.  Tonight Molly improvised upon a recipe and made a rice and chicken sausage and mushroom casserole and complimented the casserole with a sheet of dreamy and flaky cheese cayenne pepper biscuits.

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