Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 08/16/16: Getting Winded, Mom's New Glasses, Tiring Out Tucker

1.  I admit it. When I come to Kellogg to help Mom, I almost never walk, let alone flop around in a swimming pool, the way I do in Maryland. I really get out of rhythm here. I've been feeling sluggish from not moving around enough, and, today, while Carol and Mom weeded in Mom's front yard and Mom cleaned up some tomato planters, I hiked up the wellness trail near the Shoshone Medical Center, just off the trail that leads from Riverside Ave. to the high school.  I got winded, increased my heart rate, and it felt great.

2.  When Mom fell last Monday, the fall damaged her glasses beyond repair. I ordered Mom new ones that afternoon and she has been antsy, impatient for the them to come in. Today, the glasses arrived and Mom and I went over to the Kellogg Vision Center and she picked up her glasses and was happy with how they look and with not having to do day to day tasks using her prescription sunglasses any longer.

3.  Mom and I have eaten dinner the last few evenings over at Christy and Everett's and every single night, once we've eaten, Christy and Everett's young heeler, Tucker, brings me a toy to toss and he sprints after it and brings it back to me, again and again and again, until, finally, he is, well, tuckered out.  It's fun to help Tucker expend his energy and to build our friendship. He's a good dog.

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