Saturday, August 13, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 08/12/16: Shower Samples, Cosette Brightens Our Day, Shrimp Salad

1.  Sister Christy is hosting a wedding shower for our niece, Molly, on Saturday and today Christy prepared the snacks for the event and shared some really tasty samples with Mom and me. Wow!

2. Cosette is in town! She lives in Moscow and is K-Town for her sister's wedding shower and she came over to Mom's house and brightened things with news about her life as a university student and gave Mom some help by cleaning outdoor chairs to be used for the shower and by deadheading flowers out front.

3. Mom requested shrimp salad for dinner so I cut lettuce from her garden, chopped up some vegetables, warmed up the cooked shrimp in butter and lemon, made a honey lemon vinaigrette, tossed it all together, and served it out on the back deck as cool late afternoon breezes refreshed Christy, Mom, and me as we enjoyed our dinner and Christy relaxed after her day of shower preparations.

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