Friday, August 12, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 08/11/16: Dump Run, Best Shot Breakfast, Relaxing August Evening

1.  Everett and I piled Carol and Paul's busted hot water tank and an old toilet into the back of Everett's pickup and then swung by Mom's and loaded up the yard waste from my weeding projects earlier in the week and we hauled it all up to the Shoshone County Transfer Station, also known as the dump, and lightened our load.

2.  After the dump run, on the spur of the moment, as I headed uptown to get some cash for Mom at the bank, I popped into Best Shots to give their breakfast a try. The sausage, eggs, hash browns, sourdough toast, and coffee staisfied me and so did the arrival of Christy and Everett who joined me. I never imagined having breakfast at the old Kopper Keg, and I'm sure glad Best Shots is an all day joint.

3.  Under a comfortable cool evening sky, Mom and I joined Christy and Everett in their backyard for a delicious dinner. Christy baked a pasta, ricotta cheese, and vegetable dinner pie and sauteed zucchini from their garden. We also enjoyed a bottle of peach wine from the Beauty Bay winery in Harrison, ID. It was a refreshing complement to Christy's tasty main dish.

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