Monday, August 15, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 08/14/16: Rose Lake Breakfast, Slow Brew, Indonesian Chicken Dinner

1.  Jake and Carol Lee have a trailer perched above the road across from their lake home and outfitted it so that Ed and I could spend the night Saturday rather than drive home late and this morning I stumbled down the hill to the deck overlooking Rose Lake and hungry osprey and joined my life long friends for some coffee and, in time, a delicious breakfast casserole, cinnamon roll, and fruit. We picked up conversations from the night before and started to look forward to what was in store for Sunday.

2. Jake, Ed, and I bolted down to Worley to the Cd'A Casino where I played around for a few hours and didn't spend any money except when I went to the Red Tail Bar and Grill and enjoyed watching some of the Olympics while sipping on a slow pint of Grand Teton Brewing's Sweetwater American Pale Ale, a crisp and pleasant brew.

3.  Ed, Jake, and I returned to Rose Lake where Ed and I gathered our stuff and returned to the Silver Valley.  Even though she had hosted nearly thirty people in her back yard on Saturday, giving a wedding shower for niece Molly, Christy cooked up a gingery and very tasty Indonesian chicken dinner and Mom, Everett, Christy, and I enjoyed both our dinner and the relaxing twilight as the Kellogg air grew cooler by the minute.

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