Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 08/09/16: After the Fall, Weeding, Nouvelle Cuisine

1.  If you walked in Mom's front door today, you might figure something was up because Mom has to wear her prescription sunglasses while the optical lab puts her new glasses together and, if you look closely, you might notice the bruising around her right eye. Otherwise, you'd really never know Mom fell on Monday. She was a little stiff and a little sore, but was antsy to get outside and deadhead some flowers. But, an unseasonable cool snap has hit the Kellogg area, and Mom didn't get out on the back deck to deadhead flowers in planter until in the afternoon where she cleaned up the pots of zinnias and other flowers with surgical precision.

2. I took advantage of the cool weather and continued to weed the chaos of grass and thorny growth in Mom's back garden and did some deadheading, too. I filled three garbage cans and two black plastic yard waste bags with debris -- I see a dump run in the not too distant future.

3. A day ago, Mom asked me to find a can of salmon in the basement pantry and cook up some salmon patties. I'd never cooked salmon patties before, but after reading a few recipes, I dumped the salmon in a bowl, crushed some saltine crackers, beat three eggs, diced some onion, mixed in all together and squirted some lemon juice over it and fried up four patties and boiled some cauliflower and fried some red potatoes to accompany them. I'm very happy to report that this dinner hit the spot for Mom and that it was fun to cook something I'd never made before. Earlier in the day, to add to the lunch possibilities for Mom, I hard boiled four eggs, peeled them, chopped them up, added some mayo and mustard and minced celery and, presto!, an egg salad.

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