Monday, August 29, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 08/28/16: Haunted, Podcasts, Soup

1.  I finished the book Ice and Bone and I can tell it's going to haunt me for a while. Callous, cruel, motiveless murder does that to me.

2.  I expanded world the of my phone and tablet a bit more my downloading a podcast app and a radio app. This evening I listened to an episode of Radiolab on the unreliable testimony of eyewitness accounts of people who witnessed the Westgate mall attack in Nairobi and a companion piece on a small group of men in their seventies who plan a terrorist attack and are arrested. The Reveal episode looked at the way that only about 25% of the money granted to states under welfare reform is used as aid to people in poverty -- instead, it's used for things like marriage seminars in Oklahoma, helping financially secure high school graduates attend private colleges in Michigan, and to finance pregnancy advice programs in Indiana.

3.  The Deke requested a simple chicken and rice soup dinner tonight and I complied. The soup just had carrots, mushrooms, and chicken in it and basmati rice cooked separately to put in each bowl.

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