Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 08/08/16: Mom's Fall, Lunch and Tour with Byrdman, Yesterday's Pasta -- New Dish

1.  The good news is that we didn't need to call for emergency help. It was 9 a.m. In the short space between where Mom parks her walker and the bathroom, Mom got in a hurry to answer the call of nature and fell, half in the bathroom and half in the carpeted area just outside the bathroom.  I sprang to Mom's aid and, slowly, helped Mom sit up and then helped her get on her feet. Mom tried to identify where she felt pain. She wasn't feeling very hurt. Her glasses had flown off and one of the temples broke, meaning Mom had to buy new frames today. She has bruising near her right eye where her glasses jammed into her face. Her right elbow is bruised.

Back on her feet, Mom had no trouble pushing her walker and returning to her chair and, as the day progressed, she had no trouble getting herself around, always with the help of her walker.

My single regret about helping Mom after her fall was that I didn't think to immediately ice her elbow.  Mom didn't realize right away that her elbow was bruised and, I have to admit, that I was so relieved that she hadn't broken any bones and that she seemed in pretty good shape that I failed to think of helping her with ice. I won't forget again. (I'm hoping that writing this in my blog will help me remember.)

Mom's fall today underscores what those of us close to her know is always true: Mom's condition leaves her vulnerable to accidents and her margin of error when she's moving from one place to another is slim.

2.  Mom was not seriously injured and with Christy next door and aware I was leaving, I felt fine about not changing my plans to go to Best Shots (the former Kopper Keg) and have lunch with Byrdman.  The remodel of the old Kopper Keg and the great food we had for lunch impressed Byrdman -- we both remarked that the food in this joint had come a long way since the days of the Lane Burger or shrimp pizza over forty years ago.  After lunch, we took a tour of Kellogg, remembering where friends of ours used to live and where we used to play ball and do other stuff.  Next we'll tour Wardner.

3.  Christy refashioned the pasta dish she cooked on Sunday into a very tasty new pasta dish for Monday's dinner. Mom took charge of her all-terrain outdoor walker and charged through the gate between her yard and Christy's and we sat in the cool of the early evening and enjoyed our dinner and Christy's rhubarb upside down cake with vanilla ice cream for dessert.  (When Mom returned home, she iced her injuries -- hoping that late ice is better than no ice.)

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