Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 08/15/16: Slow Day, Deep Nap, Steak Dinner

1.  After a full weekend, today was slow. Oh, I watered flowers, did some laundry for me and Mom, took care of some things around the house, but with a quilt of humidity having moved in, I spent quite a bit of time reading news stories and other stuff online.

2.  I woke up quite a bit earlier than usual this morning, with a sudden urge to look up information about open enrollment for health insurance.  I now know that the enrollment period is underway for a month, but my early rising resulted in needing a nap later in the day, and it had me feeling comatose.

3.  Last week, Mom eagle-eyed a great buy on petite sirloin steaks and Christy cooked them perfectly for dinner tonight along with pasta salad and biscuits.  By 6:30 or so, it had cooled off enough that we could enjoy our dinner outside, a refreshing relief.

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