Thursday, August 25, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 08/24/16: Amazon Prime, Harry Nilsson Fantasy, Karen Armstrong and St. Paul

1.  I had a great day with my electronic devices.  I hooked up to Amazon Prime music and listened to all kinds of stuff, including Warren Zevon, Bach, jazz classics, the Who, and Harry Nilsson.

2. As I listened to Harry Nilsson, I realized that I often fantasize about playing all the instruments and singing the lyrics of "Jump Into the Fire", one of my favorite tunes in the whole of recorded music.  I'd love to drum this song. I'd love to play that gnarly bass line. I'd love to be the wily electric guitar player.  And I'd love to sing like Harry Nilsson.  I shivered with pleasure at the thought.

3. I listened to much of this music while reading Karen Armstrong's book on my Kindle app. It's entitled, St Paul:  The Apostle We Love to Hate.  It's a compact book, focused not only on Paul's mission, but on the conflicts among the earliest Jesus people, especially regarding the place of Gentiles in this new movement, and Paul's agenda within these conflicts.  Paul's project is egalitarian and inclusive, according to Armstrong, and she does good work addressing, in a scholarly way, those passages in Paul's letters which express a misogyny that Armstrong's research tells her he didn't possess.  I'm intrigued by her account.

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