Thursday, August 11, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 08/10/16: Magazines Out, Cauliflower Soup, Mom Update

1.  Over the years, Mom has accumulated a lot of material items and she finds it difficult to let go of them either by donation or by throwing things away.  I love it when she decides something can go. Today, out of the blue, when Mom knew I was taking the recycling to the bins down the street, she instructed me to load up the trunk with the magazines filling a filing cabinet in the basement.  Mom wants the address labels torn off each magazine before they leave the house, so I did that, magazine by magazine, loaded them into a Darigold milk crate, made about five trips to the Malibu, and emptied the trunk at the bin down by the Gondolier.

2.  I didn't use all the cauliflower last night when I served salmon patties. I set aside enough to make a soup to meet Mom's request for a potato soup-like cauliflower soup. Christy and Everett came over and we all enjoyed our dinner and I'm happy to have found another recipe that worked really well.

3.  It was good to see Mom have another pretty good day after her fall. Her elbow is responding well to the ice and heat she is applying to it. If you were here at the house through the day, you'd see that Mom sleeps during the day in her chair quite a bit -- it's understandable: her system is working hard to heal and regulate itself with the help of medication.  Her numbers, blood pressure, pulse, and weight continue to be stable and better than they were a few weeks ago.

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