Thursday, August 18, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 08/17/16: More Magazines to Recycle, Awning Challenge, Intro to Clam Chowder

1.  I casually mentioned to Mom that I was taking her newspapers and some cans and plastic bottles down to the recycling bins and she responded, "Oh! There are more magazines I forgot to tell you about that I want to get rid of. They are in the big cupboard either on the right or left side behind the doors." I turned heel, descended into the basement, moved a pile of stuff from in front of the cupboard, and made three or four trips back up the stairs with a milk crate filled with magazines (I tore off or tore up all address labels; Mom doesn't want her address in the recycling barrel), loaded them in the trunk of the Malibu, and made a generous contribution to the county's recycling effort.

2.  Tomorrow is another day. Christy and Everett ordered awning for their back deck and Paul and I lent Everett a hand putting it up, but it doesn't quite work yet and so after Everett tries to make some adjustments, we'll give it another shot on Thursday.

3. Mom loves clam chowder and has expressed being hungry for it. I don't remember ever making clam chowder before, but I tracked down an uncomplicated recipe on the World Wide Web and went at it, adding celery, carrots, red pepper, and grated cheese to the basic recipe and it turned out pretty good.  Well, I do know this: it passed the Mom taste test.

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