Sunday, August 14, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 08/13/16: Rose Lake Party, Cold Smoke Scotch Ale, Spaghetti Feed

1. I arrived in Kellogg on July 5 and not long afterward, Carol Lee and I began to discuss when we might have a party for as many of our friends as possible at Jake and Carol Lee's home on Rose Lake. I've been looking forward to today's get together for over a month.  Jeri came up from Boise, Patty from Oregon, Joni and Lars from Spokane, Kirk from St. Regis, Jim and Sue from Spokane Valley, and, from here in the Silver Valley Bucky and Debbie, Ed, Wanda, and I joined the party. It wasn't long before we were getting caught up on news about our lives these days and launching into stories about parties and road trips and romances and other high jinx from deep in our collective history.

2. Kirk owns and operates Stang's Food Center, a combo grocery store, deli, liquor store, and gas station in St. Regis.  Soon he'll be selling firearms and ammo, too. The good news for me is that today, like the last time Kirk came over, he brought me several cans of beer brewed in Montana. Until today, I had never tried (or heard of) the Cold Smoke Scotch Ale from Kettle House Brewing in Missoula and it was as fine a beer as I've ever enjoyed. I told Kirk that I if I could, I would drive from Greenbelt, MD to St. Regis, MT just to buy more of this beer.  Yes. It is that good.

3. Good conversation, good stories, and good adult beverages all become even better when accompanied by top notch food, and Carol Lee and Joni spearheaded the creating of a superb spaghetti feed which everyone remarked time and time again was absolutely terrific.  We all greatly appreciated everyone's efforts to make this meal. We not only consumed it, but moaned and groaned with pleasure as we did.

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