Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 08/29/16: Cheers at LabCorp, Spiffing Up, Food52 and Burnt Toast

1.  When I walked into the LabCorp office to have my monthly blood sample taken and sent to the transplant center, the people there treated me like an old friend had just walked in. Angela, my favorite phlebotomist, was at the front counter and whisked me into a room immediately, knowing exactly why I was there, and in just a few minutes I was out of there.  I took a second to marvel that I enjoy my monthly blood draws and, even though we don't converse or anything, I always look forward to Angela doing her work.

2.  After being away for over seven weeks, today I had some time by myself in our apartment home and had a relaxing time spiffing the place up, doing laundry, putting fresh sheets on the bed, vacuuming, putting stuff away, and making our home more comfortable and peaceful.

3. This evening, I went in search of cooking podcasts and found one that seems the most promising and it's attached to a phenomenal cooking website, www.food52.com.  The website is brimming with recipes and articles. The food52 podcast is called Burnt Toast. The episodes seem to range from ten to thirty minutes long, are low key, informative, and, so far, speak to my non-gourmet, but adventurous fun in the kitchen.  This evening, I listened to two episodes, "What We Cook When We Don't Feel Like Cooking" and an interview with Kristen Miglore, who writes a regular column for food52 called "Genius Recipes" and has published a book entitled, Genius Recipes: 100 Recipes That Will Change the Way You Cook, here.  I was very happy as I listened to this interview that these recipes didn't seem out of my league and I look forward to looking more fully into Miglore's work and trying out some new recipes.  (By the way, the first recipe that caught my eye was a pork and eggplant stir fry!)

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