Friday, March 3, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 03/02/17: Getting Ready for March 15th, Party at Quench, Ana Discovers the Fart Joke

1. Two many paged questionnaires. Opening folders in my kidney transplant folder on my desktop and printing reports of past lab work, chest X-ray, CT scan, colonoscopy, TB test, and cardiology reports. It's all gathered now in a hard copy folder and I'm ready, nearly two weeks ahead of time, for my March 15th all day visit to the University of Maryland Transplantation Center.

2. The Deke and I went to Quench and enjoyed some beer and a board of cheese, meat, and a mini-baguette with olives and chutney. It makes me very happy that Quench serves the choice of very small glasses of beer so that I can try out a variety of beers that are higher in alcohol volume. This afternoon, I enjoyed these:

Founder's Old Curmudgeon -- a sweet beer made in the English strong ale style
Victory's Golden Monkey -- almost banana-y, definitely spicy in the Belgian Abby Tripel style
Lexington's Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale -- another from the English strong ale family: sweet as candy and perfectly boozy
Ballast Point's Victory at Sea -- a peanut butter Imperial Porter -- the peanut butter taste is there but not dominant and is set off very nicely by the chocolate/coffee flavors of the porter -- a perfect finishing beer, a fine dessert.

3.  We topped off our evening by visiting Molly and Ana, David, and Olivia. Hiram was away rehearsing.  I will always remember tonight as the night Ana started to become more than just a baby/toddler, but, in a small way, more like a grade school or middle school kid. Yes, tonight Ana farted and then entertained herself, and the rest of us, by laughing at the joy of her discovery, for the first time, that she could make a similar sound by blowing air through her vibrating lips and with her tongue. Such a precocious child!

(Oh my God!)

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