Thursday, March 16, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 03/15/17: Slowing Things Down, Eggplant Sandwich Dinner, Quiet Party

1. I had been scheduled to go to Baltimore today for a once every two years all day visit to the University of Maryland Transplantation Center. I rescheduled this appointment on Monday because the weather looked so iffy. It looked possible that Ed and Mike might get snowed in and need to stay an extra night. Well, that didn't happen, but today the Deke had a two hour delay (after school was closed yesterday). I was happy today that I didn't have to go to Baltimore. I slept in. I slowed down after nine days of travel, touring, and being in and out of our apartment home. I started to get back into my daily routines of writing and doing domestic duties around the house.  I'm grateful for the snow/blizzard scare that moved me to schedule my visit to Baltimore in April.

2.  I got back into the swing of kitchen life today. I went to the Co-op and started to get caught up on grocery shopping. Once home, I chopped an eggplant into small cubes, did the same with a red pepper, and did much the same with half a red onion and a few garlic cloves. I fried this mixture up in olive oil. I mashed the soft eggplant mixture and spread it on halved and toasted ciabatta rolls. The sandwich could be open faced or closed. I also made lemon yogurt sauce and we had feta cheese to put on the sandwiches. As a side, I made a basmati rice salad by folding olives, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, rice vinegar, and olive oil into the rice I cooked. The lemon yogurt sauce made a tasty additional dressing for this salad.

3. After being away for nine nights while I hosted Mike and Ed during our incredible vacation, the Deke was back in our apartment home tonight. We had a great party. We split a bottle of Double Bastard Ale, split a bottle of Heavy Seas 21, and then we had a couple small pours of Jameson Caskmates whiskey, aged in stout barrels. We relaxed. We enjoyed the quiet of our apartment home and the quiet of one another's company. The corgis rested peacefully. It was a perfect evening of good food, superb beer, smooth whiskey, and restful quiet.

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