Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 03/28/17: Blood Draw, Kidney Doctor Appointment, Workout

1.  And, so, I had another vial of blood drawn and mailed to the transplant center in Baltimore.  Routine. Easy. Done.

2. I see Dr. Malik, my nephrologist (kidney doctor), every six months and today was the day. He was a little giddy when I strolled in his office. He'd just seen my blood work and, as I reported on this blog a month ago when I had my annual physical exam, nearly every number had improved, including my kidney function. Dr. Malik said, "You seem to get better the less you see me!" We had a good laugh. He listened to my lungs and heart. He checked my ankles for swelling -- there was none --, and we both expressed our happiness, and I expressed my relief, that my abnormal kidney condition continues to be stable. That's been the goal for the twelve years that I have been treating this disease and, so far, my kidneys are cooperating pretty well.

3. I missed my weekly swim class on Monday when the Deke and I were out enjoying the beauty of eastern Virginia and Maryland, so, today, before I went to see Dr. Malik, I went to the pool. I had time for only about twenty minutes of floppin' around, but I made my workout as intense as I could. I entered the pool feeling sluggish from being in the car so much over the weekend.  I left the pool revitalized, my blood flowing, my lungs burning a bit, and my legs tingling. I was a little tired, but no longer sluggish.

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